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Wild Mountain Papaya (Powerful Immune Boost! - Protect against Colds, Flu, Warts+)
  • Wild Mountain Papaya (Powerful Immune Boost! - Protect against Colds, Flu, Warts+)
Wild Mountain Papaya (Powerful Immune Boost! - Protect against Colds, Flu, Warts+) - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

If you are suffering from viruses or bacterial infections (flu, colds) or warts (HPV), it may be because of a weak immune system.


 Fermented Wild Mountain Papaya Extract is recommended by Doctors all over Europe, including 2008 Nobel Prize Winner in Medicine Dr Montagnier, who co-discovered the Aids virus. Dr Montagnier prescribed the Papaya treatment for Pope John Paul II. 

Prof. Luc Montagnier explains anti-oxidant and immunostimulant properties of fermented papaya extract.

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Pope John Paul II receives fruit treatment from Prof. Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of AIDS virus.

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In Europe the papaya preparation sells for 69 euros or about $90.00 US, for 30, 3 gram sachets. We sell 60, 3 gram sachets for $49.95. That's more than 70% off!

We can offer you this incredible discount because we buy direct from the people that grow and ferment the Wild Mountain Papaya.

Wild Mountain Papaya ANTI-OXIDANT ENZYME POWDER is an entirely natural nutraceutical product with a variety of protective and healing effects on the body. It is produced from a blend of fresh green fruit, seeds, skin and flowers of wild mountain papaya (Carica papaya Linn.). It then undergoes a 1000 year old Japanese fermentation process for 180 days, after which dextrose is added. Dextrose helps dry out the syrup and is an excellent nutrient delivery system. Wild Mountain Papaya ANTI-OXIDANT ENZYME POWDER, is a complex mixture of more than 100 natural, fully bio-available compounds.

The biologically active components in Pristine Herbal Touch's Wild Mountain Papaya ANTI-OXIDANT ENZYME POWDER are:

  1. Protein (enzymes) and products of their degradation (amino acids and oligo-peptides)
  2. Lipids and phytosterols
  3. Nucleic acids, nucleotides and nucleosides
  4. Carbohydrates (mono and disaccharides)
  5. Pigments, bio-flavonoids, coenzyme Q10, and essential microelements.

Each box contains a 30 day supply or 60 sachets (3g each) Total net weight 180g

Please read more about Wild Mountain Papaya here »

Real Customer Testimonials

"After one week of using Wild Mountain Papaya, I am so impressed with it. Both my husband and I notice more energy after taking it than with any other supplement we have tried before. Also, the Wart Mole Vanish worked amazingly fast. I actually saw a very large skin tag disappear before my eyes! Thank you in advance for your assistance."

"Before I started taking this powder, my chest was full of mucus and every morning I had to cough up large amounts of this mucus. Two days after taking the papaya powder, I was completely cleared up and I continue to be cleared up to this day by taking it twice daily. I can’t thank you enough, this product has been a real lifesaver for me."
Shannon N. - Thunder Bay, ONTARIO

"Since taking the Papaya powder, I’ve experienced when I feel a cold or flu coming on in the morning, I’ll take double doses 3 or 4 times that same day and by the evening, the cold or flu symptoms are completely gone. I’ve never experienced anything as potent as this before."
Michael M. - Atlanta, GEORGIA

"I’ve had bronchitis for years and I’ve tried to clear it up with so many medicines with little or no effect. The day I received your Wild Mountain Papaya powder, I took 2 sachets twice that day and by that evening my bronchial tubes were completely cleared up. This stuff is amazing, I recommend it to anybody who has bronchitis."
Dierdre Gonzales - Madrid, SPAIN

"I used to suffer from colds at least once a month especially when there was a change in temperature, something that’s quite common here. I never imagined there was any relief until I started taking the papaya powder. At first, I couldn’t believe it but since it became part of my diet and now, 4 months later, I haven’t had a cold all this time. I have no other explanation for this fantastic improvement but the powder. I have to thank you guys for this, the papaya powder’s great!"
Ilse Chow - Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA

"Dear Wild Mountain Papaya Powder,
I have been taking your powder now for 2 months and am pleased that my friend introduced it to me. I am a smoker and recently began coughing more and developed more phlegm. Since taking the powder my cough is now almost nil and the phlegm is so negligent I never notice it any more. I would also like to say that my daily BM since taking the powder is so timely I can set my clock by it and it is also with much more ease. Thank you for developing such a powder. I am a user for life. Sincerely,"
GW - Spain

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